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Abbott's approach to appraisals offers our clients the peace of mind that can only be achieved by a practice having over forty-five years experience: a certified laboratory; senior accreditation in the American Society of Appraisers for Numismatics (we offer one of only 10 appraisers in North America to have achieved that distinction); senior accreditation in the American Society of Appraisers for Gems & Jewelry; membership in The American Numismatist Association: The Professional Numismatist Guild and other affiliates.





Because Abbott's buys and sells daily the same types of items we appraise, we are able to offer primary data for appraisal reports instead of relying on second, third and forth parties.





An interview is conducted to determine a client's needs regarding the type of appraisal required, examine the specific property involved, and to estimate the fees and time required to complete the report. The client is provided with an explanation of how a proper appraisal is conducted and all questions are answered pertaining to the requested appraisal. A written agreement of the services to be performed and fees is signed and a copy given to the client prior to beginning the assignment. Initial consultation usually takes approximately 15 minutes and is limited to a maximum of 1 hour.





  • Client interview to determine needs.
  • Inspection of property (and cleaning of jewelry)
  • Examination using apposite equipment
  • Market research
  • Report writing
  • Report delivery and review with client





All reports are prepared for the specific purpose and function (Intended Use) of the client's needs. Various types of reports include:


  • Replacement value (for insurance)
  • Marketable Cash Value (re-sale)
  • Fair Market Value (Divorce, Charitable Donation, Estate or Probate settlement)
  • Liquidation (Orderly or Forced)
  • Pre-Purchase Consultations
  • Post-Purchase Consultations
  • Damage
  • Collateral

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